Accessibility Services & Amenities

Accessibility Services & Amenities

Here at the California Science Center, we want all guests to participate equally in the excitement of experiencing science! We are committed to breaking down any barriers to access. If you have questions about accessibility that are not answered here, please call us at (213) 744-2019; contact us online; or stop by our Information Desk just inside the main entrance.

Sensory-friendly IMAX Screenings

Our sensory-friendly IMAX screenings provide a warm welcome to guests who need a little less stimulating environment and the opportunity to move around during the film.

  • The film is shown in 2D, so no special glasses are required.

  • The quality of the film is intact, but house light levels remain brighter, and sound levels are turned down. 

  • You are welcome to come and go as you wish throughout the performance.  There is a relaxation zone in the upper lobby if you need a break. 

  • Everyone is welcome to attend these screenings with the understanding that the theater is “shush-free” and there may be a certain amount of sound and movement in the audience. 

  • If you have questions or to see if this screening is right for you and your family, please feel to contact us.

Sensory Considerations

Light, noise and crowds vary widely throughout the building. Please feel free to bring your own noise-cancelling headphones, fidgets, or other calming items.


Weekdays after 2:00 PM are typically quieter times to visit. September, October, January, and February are often less busy times of the year.

IMAX Shows

IMAX shows are presented at high volume, and often require guests to wear 3D eyeglasses. All seats are unassigned.

We offer special Sensory Friendly Screenings once a month.

  • Secrets of the Universe, November, 6th at 9:00 a.m. 

Sensory Planning Guide

Sensory descriptions of the museum spaces. This guide can help shape your visit.

Mobility Considerations

All spaces in the California Science Center are wheelchair accessible. All levels are accessible by elevator or stairs.

Parking and Public Transportation

Accessible parking spaces are available on levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Science Center parking lot, entered from 39th Street and Figueroa. Accessible parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is $15 per vehicle. 

The Science Center is about 0.2 miles across the beautiful Rose Garden from the Expo Park/USC Station Metro Line.


Standard manual wheelchairs are available for free at the Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis for use inside the California Science Center.


All California Science Center restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Private family style restrooms are available upon request—please see any Guest Services Host.

IMAX Shows

The IMAX Theater offers wheelchair accessible seating at the top of the theater. The theater has an elevator for your convenience. Seats are unassigned. Please speak to an IMAX Usher prior to your designated showtime to inform them of your accessibility needs.

Language & Communication Considerations

The California Science Center is a self-guided experience; we do not offer tours. Please take advantage of the following helpful aids to make your visit more enjoyable.

For Language Assistance

Our bilingual Guest Services and Education staff members wear badges indicating languages in which they are fluent. In addition, the Information Desk offers maps in:

  • Braille–English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

Visual Description Assistance

In order to maintain compliance with physical distance mandates, we are temporarily suspending our in-person visual descriptive explorations. We hope to resume this added feature in the future.

Large Type Exhibit Text

For some temporary traveling exhibits, large-print copies of the exhibit labels are available at the exhibit entrance.

Closed Captioning and Assistive Listening Devices

Free closed captioning and assistive listening devices in English are available for all current IMAX films. Please alert a member of our Box Office or IMAX Theater team and they will assist you. Assistive listening devices are also available for our meeting and conference rooms.

Audio Guides

Audio guides in both English and Spanish are often available for temporary traveling exhibits. Please check with the Box Office or Information Desk for more information. For special exhibits with audio guides, transcripts are available at the entrance to the exhibit upon request.

Accessible Experiences by Special Arrangement

If you are attending a special lecture, class or meeting, we can arrange ASL interpreters, real-time captioning, and other assistance. Please provide 10 days advance notice. These services are not available for general Science Center visits, as the institution is a self-guided experience.

Other Considerations

Service Dogs

Service dogs trained to do work or perform specific tasks for a guest with a disability are welcome in all Science Center spaces. No other animals are permitted.

Personal Care Assistants

Admission to IMAX Theater shows and ticketed special exhibits is free for a working Personal Care Assistant (PCA) that is accompanying a client with severe disability who relies on the care provided by the PCA. General admission to the Science Center is always free to all. Please request your complimentary ticket at the Box Office.

Social Narratives

Each of the following PDF stories provide a brief introduction to the experience you may have in each of our primary exhibits. Each features large pictures and easy-to-read text at a 3rd grade level.