State Application Process

State Application Process

Applicants for State positions at the California Science Center must follow the standard State hiring process.

How to apply for a state position

Step 1: Create an Account

The state recruitment process is facilitated online at where job seekers can create a CalCareers account to take state civil service examinations, store different versions of their application, apply for vacancies, track application status and save their resume all in one place.

If you already have a CalCareers account, you may skip this step and move on to Step 2.

Login or create a CalCareers account

Step 2: Civil Service Exams

Examinations evaluate a candidate's education, experience, abilities, and knowledge through an assessment. The assessment process can take many forms including an interview, online exam or in-person written exam, depending on the job.

To participate in the exam, candidates may be required to mail or hand deliver State Application STD 678 according to the exam bulletin instructions. Interested and qualified candidates should begin the assessment by reading the exam bulletin thoroughly for specific instructions.

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Step 3: Apply

After taking an exam, candidates may apply for open positions for the classification, however, only candidates with scores considered passing can be considered for hire.

The job’s bulletin will provide information on qualifications needed, what the job is like, notes the salary range, and gives an overview of the exam/assessment process.

CalCareers allows users to create multiple versions of their application, tailored for different jobs and save them for future use. Users can also upload required attachments, if needed, such as resumes and writing samples.

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Frequently asked questions

If I'm interested in a position with the California Science Center Foundation do I still need to create a CalCareers account?

No. The Science Center Foundation has a separate application process. Please see our list of Foundation employment opportunities, and scroll all the way down for details about how to apply.

Is there a separate application for State Examinations?

No. The STD 678 Examination/ Employment Application is used for both State examinations and employment applications. The applicant should specify in the section “Examination (s) or Job Title(s) For Which You are Applying” based on the exam or job bulletin instructions. If the application is submitted electronically through CalCareers, this field will be auto populated.

How do I take an exam?

Information on how to take an exam can be found at the top of this page.

Does the Science Center accept resumes?

A resume is optional, unless it is specified as required in the job bulletin, but will not be accepted in lieu of a STD 678 Examination/Employment Application. Please DO NOT indicate “See Resume” under duties performed.

Where can I find the State employment application?

The State application STD 678 can be submitted electronically through a CalCareers account to apply for job openings and can be saved as a PDF or printed once completed online. Some examinations may require applicants to mail or hand deliver an STD 678 to the Science Center.

What Information must be included in the STD 678?

All sections of the application must be completed thoroughly.

How do I sign the STD 678 before submitting electronically?

Applications submitted electronically cannot be signed prior to submission. A signature will be required on the application later in the hiring process.

Do I need to provide information for all of my past work experience?

Applicants should include as far back as 10 years of work experience, beginning with the most recent job information first. If there is experience relevant to the position that is older than 10 years, volunteer and/or internship experience, include it. Applications must include sufficient detail in the position details to ensure a comprehensive review and evaluation during application screening.

Am I able to update my application materials after submitting my application?

No. Once your application is submitted, you will not be able to change the application package submitted to apply for a position. You will, however, be able to update the application saved to your CalCareers account at any time to apply for future opportunities.

Do you offer accommodation for persons with disabilities?

Yes. Each exam/job bulletin will list contact information for accommodations for persons with disabilities.